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Welcome to the world of trading, solar power, hotels and other interesting stuff...

Right now, I'm all about making the more about travel and stock trading. Why, well because I made alot of money in the stock market and I'm starting to travel quite a bit.
I like writing about things that interest me.

This site is growing. Right now, we have a wide veriety of articles about prom dresses. My favorites are:
Shopping for you prom dress should be fun. Bypass the reasons why women find shopping for prom dresses stressful and have fun! A complete list of articles on prom dresses can be found on the left.

If you're interested in cards, click here, I won't hold it againt you... The section on First Communion Invitations is still looking great! We've still got the old cards section!

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My Main site on prom dresses is here. I've also become obsessed about Solar Power. Read all about it. We've got some great products that I'm really excited about!

Banana Tree Cards...
We are a talented artistic multimedia design and photography studio founded by Chris and Susie Bergstrom. We have published funny, inspirational and artistic birthday cards as well as birthday cards for your friends and family.

In addition, we also like to maintain a collection of articles related to custom greeting cards as well as a a few pages devoted to funny sayings, friendship quotes and love quotes. View our Top rated cards of the week. We hope that you like our cards.

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We recently released a Free Online custom greeting cards news section. I hope you find it informative
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