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A solar power case study
A solar electric system was designed for a beautiful 3,500 square foot house overlooking the San Francisco Bay. This system included forty-eight 120 watt solar modules installed on the south roof (at the existing roof pitch) and north roof (at a reverse pitch facing south). A total of 5,760 watts of peak power generating capability is provided (based on manufacturer output ratings). This system provides about 23 kwh of energy per day or about 8,200 kwh per year -- after taking into account various real-world efficiency losses.

Total costs for a competitors system were $54,910, including all equipment and installation. We applied for and received a $21,553 rebate from the California Energy Commission, and the homeowner will receive an additional $5,004 tax credit from the state. Net costs to the homeowner were therefore $28,354.

We have a petent pending mechanism to cut the costs of the system to 1/3 the original price. Solar panels are expensive. We use mirrors to concentrate alot of sunlight onto a small solar panel. It works great, and you still get the same tax credit.

Total costs for our system (that generates an equivalent amount of power) is only $20,810. The tax credits more than pay for the system! Net costs to the homeowner using our system will be non-existant. The system will save you $1,800 a year in electricity costs and add $30,000 re-sale value to the price of your home!

Smart Solar Sunlight Concentrating Mirror Array (600 Killowatt hours per month)
Our best selling product is described below. The system costs $5,000. Buy it and get a $2,947.84 CASH REBATE and a $2,000.00 tax credit from the Feds. The system ends up costing you $52.16 + taxes and shipping. How's that for a nice way to get the government to give you money for a change!

In California, when you buy a complete 1.2 peak DC kW (1200 DC Watt Peak Solar Array) system, including top of the line Kaneka solar panels, inverter, racks, wire, MC connectors and disconnects from us for only $7,188.00 and get a $2,947.84 CASH REBATE and a $2,000.00 tax credit from the Federal government. After adding tax and applying the State cash rebate and Federal tax credit, your final cost for this system is approximately 609.23 plus shipping. As you can see, the goverment is subsidizing this product more that it should. I suggest that you buy it now, before the subsidies dry up.

Put a Deposit on this solar power system!
We will reserve a unit for you with a $100 deposit. The unit will ship in 2 months and we will contact you before it ships for the balance. The $100 will be refunded if the unit does not ship in 2 months.

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