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Bachelorette Party Invitations

All cool Bachelorette Party hosts send out invitations. We have created these Bachelorette Party invitations so you can be a cool host too. All our invitations come complete with two enevelopes and a RSVP reply card. Click on the thumbnail image to add the card to your web shopping cart...

Bachelorette Party invitations Bachelorette Party invitations Bachelorette Party invitations Bachelorette Party invitations
Bachelorette Party invitations Bachelorette Party invitations Bachelorette Party invitations Bachelorette Party invitations
Bachelorette Party invitations
Not to be outdone by their male counterparts, the ladies have echoed the longstanding tradition of the bachelor party with their own get-together, the bachelorette party. This seemingly new event also has its roots in history. Years ago it was traditional for the bride to host a bridemaids' tea . . . a girls only, very prim and proper event. It's not so much a prim and proper event any more.

I recently heard about a bachelorette party where the women got together and watched Father of the Bride. A bachelorette party. Think about that. Watching Father of the Bride at a party that's ostensibly a kiss-off to single life is like watching a video on alternating current as a last hurrah before the electric chair.

The male counterpart is much simpler. Guys planning a bachelor party can fall back on the time-honored strategy of getting plastered, or its more elaborate variant: getting plastered at a strip club.

Back in the day, the raucous pre-wedding bender was for gentlemen only -- the last skirt chase without consequence, a crass and trashy tradition. Women, on the other hand, weren't supposed to have been doing anything that they'd miss once they married.

The first round of bachelorette parties was fashioned much after the "original" bachelor party and focused on drinking, carousing and behaving much like teenagers. In the same way that the bachelor party seems to have matured, bachelorette parties have done so as well. Perhaps this is because both the guys and the girls discovered that getting hung over was a really bad idea, especially on the day before one's wedding. The guys settled down and so did their female counterparts.

Bachelorettes have no time-honored strategy. At a loss for exactly how to make things risqué without making them dangerous, bridesmaids have single-handedly created a market for penis-shaped party favors: they buy penis-shaped chocolates, penis-shaped pasta, penis party blowers, and penis party straws. They make the bride wear a veil edged with penis lights.

Yet a more sophisticated approach to the bachelorette party is a day at a local spa, complete with aromatherapy, massage, pedicure, manicure, facial and other pampering goodies. For the more rugged types, brides and their friends have taken the party outdoors and spent a day (and night) camping, hiking, and even mountain climbing.

So, bridesmaids, before you have a chance to ruin your mascara with the tears you'll shed at your best friend's wedding, let your hair-sprayed 'dos down for one last ladies' night in honor of the good ol' days.

If you don't know who to invite, first look at the women who will be standing up at the altar. Add a few high school, college and work cohorts until you have a well-mixed crew of the bride's most loyal ladies.

Personally, I think it's important to get everyone together for one last hurray. Bachelorette Party Invitations are pretty fun to buy too. I don't recommend getting too drunk. I like the spa idea. Get all the ladies to go down to the spa and get all dolled up. Then hit up the bars. I mean, lets not get silly here. If one of your friends is getting married, you need to have a serious party before hand. Don't ask me why. You just do. Simple as that.

I'll throw in another shameless promotion for our Bachelorette Party Invitations in a second. But first, Bachelorette parties are like the Title IX of weddings: they're supposed to make the girls equal to the boys. If the groomsmen can take their boy out for a night of debauchery, so can we, right? As a bridesmaid, one of your jobs is to coordinate a "last hurrah" for your soon-to-be married friend. After all, now that she has a matching set of Pyrex casserole dishes, she'll probably never go to a bar ever again. She'll be too busy darning the holes in her man's socks.

We have created the beautiful Bachelorette Party Invitations, Bachelorette Party Invitations, Graduation Party Invitations and Tea party Invitations above. We hope that these products will fill all your invitation needs.

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