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Welcome to the World of Flower and Florists (and Great Flowers for all Occasions)

Welome to the site about flowers. This site is growing. Right now, we have a wide veriety of articles about flowers. My favorites are:
Shopping for you flowers should be fun. Bypass the reasons why women find shopping for flowers stressful and have fun! A complete list of articles on flowers can be found on the left.



"Gardening in Small Spaces"

GardenHere Announces New Forum for City and Apartment Gardeners - and all who love flowers.

CHEVERLY, MD (PR WEB) February 10, 2004 –- GardenHere, the free Internet community for home gardeners, has added a new forum especially for small spaces.

“If you live in the city or an apartment and love to garden or plant flower, this could be the Internet forum you’ve been waiting for,” says Al Stubblefield, owner and site developer. “Here, you can exchange plants and flowers for free, submit public posts about flowers, send private messages and e-mails to other home gardeners. You can also share your best gardening tips, and learn how to care for delicate indoor plants and flowers. There’s even a system that let’s you rate your experience with other members.”

After registering, GardenHere flowers members can also set up photo albums to show off their favorite plants and flowers to friends and family. Any member viewing the photo albums can add comments and indicate, on a scale of 1 to 10, which photos & flowers they like best.

Another new feature is the member calendar. Registered members and flowers lovers can sign in and announce garden events, charity fund raisers, and garden club meetings on this public calendar. Anyone viewing the calendar event can post a comment, request additional information or even sign up to participate.

For home gardeners who may have other interests, there are more than 40 forums at GardenHere, including one for every USDA Hardiness Zone, and over a thousand messages posted by members who have already found free plants and flowers at this friendly online gardening community.

Volunteer moderators assist new members with questions and review posts.

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