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Free Online custom greeting cards News

Photo Gifts, Fine Art, Framed Art, custom greeting cards, Post Cards - Stacey Fenton Photography is Capturing Colorado in Pictures - Offering Portrait Photography

Stacey Fenton Photography is located in Aurora, Colorado. Located in a suburb of Denver, there are many photo opportunities for this photographer, from the Rocky Mountains to the Vast Prairie. Stacey Fenton travels around the Denver Metro Area, trying to capture the true beauty of the state. Photos are being added all the time to her collection. Stacey previously lived in a suburb of Washington, DC and she has many photos from there as well. Stacey Fenton Photography also offers portrait photography; in studio or on location.

(PRWEB) April 24, 2005 -- Capturing Colorado, Stacey Fenton works hard in and around Denver, to share the beauty of the state. Whether you live in Colorado or not, this photographer has something to share with everyone. Stacey Fenton has spent a lot of time taking pictures that she feels really capture Colorado at its best. There is a vast difference between the prairie and mountains and Stacey Fenton shows this in her work.

Patience and caring attitude, Stacey Fenton has developed a business plan that allows a schedule outside of standard business hours. A schedule ranging from early morning to the evening, any day of the week, allows her to take advantage of the natural light for the best opportunity for a quality image.

A Home Studio, is constructed in Stacey’s home to provide a comfortable atmosphere for clientele. “When people are comfortable and relaxed, their images show it. You can tell when someone is enjoying their photography experience.”-Stacey Fenton

For a natural experience, Stacey Fenton will meet you at the location of your choice (within radius of Denver) to take your portrait photos. The Scenic Rocky Mountain landscape or the rock formations in Red Rocks are at your disposal. “A Good Photographer is knowing where to stand”-Ansel Adams.

Photo Archive Service, is available for film or digital pictures. Stacey Fenton Photography will charge a flat rate for mailing, scanning and burning on CD, all of your important family photos. Why lose them to fire? Digital pictures on CD are also available.

Digital Photography offers a large range of proofs for clients and can be cropped or enhanced as requested. Film Photography is available for a more traditional product.

About Stacey Fenton: Stacey was born and raised in the small, historic town of Chantilly, Virginia. She spent her time taking pictures of Washington, DC and the Manassas Battlefields of the Civil War. Starting as the owner of a Border Collie, Stacey practiced her craft on her dog Todd. When her son was born, she started into photography, full steam. Stacey and her family moved to Colorado in 2004, settling in Aurora. While sightseeing as a new resident, Stacey really took advantage of the natural beauty of Colorado to advance her photography portfolio.

Recently working with two local authors, Stacey hopes to be published in the fall of 2005. She is working on a Colorado Barn Calendar, due out in the summer of 2005. Stacey is currently taking new clients as well as traveling Metro Denver for the “perfect shot”.

To read more about the photographer, please visit her website at http://www.staceyfentonphotography.com/

Stacey Fenton Photography Online Store http://www.cafepress.com/staceyfenton Orders can be placed directly through Stacey on her site, also.

# # #

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