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Free Online custom greeting cards News

Meaning Matters Most On Mother's Day

Survey reveals nearly every mom wants a card, and nearly 9 out of 10 keep some of them

Think mom won't notice if you don't give her a Mother's Day card this year? Think again.

Almost all mothers (93 percent) agree that receiving a card on Mother's Day holds special emotional meaning, according to a nationwide telephone survey of moms. In fact, more moms attach a special emotional meaning to a card than to other traditional Mother's Day activities, such as a visit (88 percent) or a special meal (83 percent). What's more, a Mother's Day card is likely to be kept long after the dinner dishes are washed and put away.

The nationwide Telenation survey* was commissioned by Hallmark to reveal Mother's Day card habits and attitudes toward Mother's Day recognition in general.

Hallmark mothers agree with the survey findings. "I love spending the day with my family," says Delores Taylor, mother of card writer Dee Ann Stewart. "However while they eventually have to go home, the card they bring with them stays behind and is a reminder to me how special I am."

So powerful is the card, in fact, it becomes keepsake. According to the Telenation survey, nearly 90 percent of mothers keep at least some of the Mother's Day cards they receive over the years, and nearly two-thirds keep them all.

Most mothers keep their cards informally, putting them away somewhere so they can look at them occasionally to remember the people who sent them. Nearly half, however, keep their cards in a scrapbook, album or other memory keeping project.

"We've heard this anecdotally from consumers, and many of us know it from our own mothers," says Deidre Parkes, a Hallmark holiday expert. "But it's a nice surprise to have our hunch validated and to know it represents the value a mother places in the custom greeting cards she receives."

In response to this need, just in time for Mother's Day, comes the Hallmark Card Keeper. This unique item will help Mom preserve the special cards she receives and allow her to revisit her memories all year long. The box comes with a ribbon for bundling cards together, tags for labeling, and inserts to personalize the lid.

What makes the card a keepsake?

"The fact that it came from you," notes Parkes. Survey respondents' top reason for keeping their cards, cited by 92 percent of mothers, is that it came from their child. And if you're trying to find just the right card, know that the message is what matters most. More than 88 percent of moms said that a message true to her as a person, the situation, or the relationship you share with her is important, compared to fewer than half who say they keep a card because of its design.

And what does Mom want the card to say? "What I want to hear at Mother's Day is that I am appreciated for being 'mom,'" says Taylor. "I have no question that my children love me and that's nice to hear, but appreciation is extremely important to me."

Taylor's sentiments are echoed in the survey results. When asked what they want to hear at Mother's Day that they may not hear on a day-to-day basis, more than 95 percent of mothers listed "I want to hear someone say 'I love you,'" closely followed by 94 percent who reported they want "to know that someone thinks I have tried my best or done a good job as a mother."

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