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Free Online custom greeting cards News

Honoring Mothers Around The World

Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May in the United States.

Sometimes Mother's Day is confused with Mothering Sunday, an English holiday that falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent. But Mother's Day is now observed in England as well, and the traditions associated with Mothering Sunday have been largely forgotten.

In Mexico and South America, Mother's Day is always celebrated on May 10. Mother's Day is the largest card-sending occasion for Hispanics.

There is no fixed date for "Antrosht" or Mother's Day in Ethiopia because it occurs whenever the rainy season ends (October-November). Girls and boys come from all over to visit their parents, bringing the necessary ingredients for a meat hash, which their mothers prepare. The mother and girls anoint themselves with butter, and songs celebrating family and tribal heroes are sung. The entire festival lasts two to three days.

Children's Day in Yugoslavia (December three days before Christmas):

On a Sunday in early December known as Dechiyi Dan or Children's Day, parents in Yugoslavia tie up their children and refuse to release them until they are good. On the following Sunday, known as "Materitse," "Materice," or Mother's Day, the children tie up their mother, releasing her only when she has paid them with sweets or other goodies. On the third Sunday known as "Ochichi," "Ocevi," or Father's Day, the children try to tie their father to a bed or chair. To be released, the father must promise coats, shoes or other more expensive items. These promises usually appear a short time later as Christmas gifts.

Countries that celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May: Australia Belgium Canada Denmark Finland Italy Japan Turkey United States

Countries that celebrate Mother's Day on May 10: Bahrain Hong Kong India Malaysia Mexico Oman Pakistan Qatar Saudi Arabia Singapore United Arab Emirates

Other Dates: Argentina Second Sunday in October France Last Sunday in May Lebanon First day of Spring Norway Second Sunday in February South Africa First Sunday in May Sweden Last Sunday in May Yugoslavia, specifically the Serbians Two weeks before Christmas

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