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Free Online custom greeting cards News

BazaarE.com and USAGreetings.com Forge Strategic Partnership Online

USAGreetings.com, the highly popular online greeting card company, and BazaarE.com, the world's first E-commerce site enabling group buying or a many-to-many marketplace, today said they have entered into a strategic marketing partnership that brings communities, commerce and content together in a unique way. Among the many synergies to be realized, the partnership will allow online custom greeting cards including greetings in their own voice to be sent with gifts purchased online. The agreement calls for content sharing and co-branding activities between the web sites. A variety of joint promotional and marketing activities will also take place over the next two years under the arrangement.

USAGreeetings.com, a true Internet success story, has developed a simple to use service providing millions of users with highly attractive custom greeting cards with rich media content for every occasion and holiday. BazaarE.com, which successfully launched its site less than two months ago, is pioneering a new model of E-commerce by providing a group-buying platform where businesses as well as individual buyers can pool their common interests to form online cooperatives. Sellers with federal tax Ids certified by BazaarE.com are then invited to bid for the ready-made markets. Sellers bid against one another hence there are no set prices.

``USAGreetings.com is pleased to extend its unique and popular offerings to BazaarE.com's communities,'' said Suresh Reddy, CEO of USAGreetings.com. ``Many of the members of BazaarE.com's online cooperatives buy gifts on their site. Our creative online greetings are the perfect complement that customers can add to a gift that is purchased online.''

Dr. Bala Veeramacheneni, President & CEO of BazaarE.com said: ``BazaarE.com and USAGreetings.com make for the perfect online partnership. The content provided by USAGreetings.com is an important ingredient that will make BazaarE.com's vision of bringing together community, content and commerce on the Internet a reality. The products offered by the two companies are highly synergistic and will enhance value to our mutual customer base.''

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