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Welcome to the wold of Prom Dressses (and Great Cards for all Occasions)

CONFESSIONS FROM A PROM DRESS PEDDLER Seaman, Ohio ? March 9, 2005 ? Prom is like a Hollywood award show featuring talk about the best and worst dressed. And sometimes even advice from a professional prom dress peddler is not enough to persuade teens from making ?red carpet? blunders. Jo Hall, owner of Hilltop Designs, has seen it all when it comes to outfitting would-be princesses for their grand ball, partly earning her nickname ? Queen-of-the-Hill. ?I have a confession to make,? admits Jo. ?Although I like to think of myself as an influential fashion guru with excellent advice, girls sometimes turn a deaf ear and have to find out for themselves. I guess it?s that age because brides-to-be take what I say to the bank.? Jo Hall says that the major influences on teens today come from what they see on the Internet and TV. And that their biggest mistake is to try and mimic a look that just isn?t theirs. She says that the recent barrage of award shows have elevated the satin-wearing trend now taking hold. Another popular look this year is the over-the-shoulder ?goddess? gowns. But Jo cautions against the perennial compulsion to wear tight styles that reveal too much such as unwanted curves and undie-lines. She also says that the temptation to overdo it is one of the most difficult obstacles to counsel. This includes over-sparkle and jewel heavy looks. ?It?s best to go after your own look!? Says Jo. ?Stay natural to your personality and away from cookie-cutter trends.? The very worst mistake and one that is all to common, according to Jo, is for teen girls to buy a dress too small with the fleating goal of slimming down to fit in it by Prom night. Over the past year, Jo Hall has noticed not only a shift in Prom fashion, but the great lengths girls today will go to in order to ensure that nobody else shows up at THEIR prom with THEIR dress. This is one of the reasons Tiffany prom dresses are so vogue. Sure, they?re elegant and beautiful, but Tiffany will not distribute their gowns to retailers within 50 miles of each other. Hilltop Designs, located in the middle of nowheresville (Seaman) Ohio, is a Tiffany dress provider and is one of the reasons teens travel up to 200 miles to get to Jo's shop sitting high atop a rural hilltop in Southwest Ohio. ?I laugh to myself every time I get a call from a young lady asking how far away I am, hoping that the answer is further than anyone else in her school has traveled in search of the ?one-of-a-kind? dress ? at least for their prom,? says Jo. Jo Hall is 52-years-old and has five children and 10 grandchildren. As a mother and grandmother, she has learned that subtle things can go a long way ? and positively impact business. One of her favorite offerings is a jar of tootsie roll pops she has in her shop. She says the boys coming in for tuxedos know it?s there and go straight to the jar for their tootsie roll pop before doing anything else. And when they bring other boys, they proudly walk them over to the jar. It must be a boy thing because the girls don?t care for the tootsie roll pops, according to Jo. Over the years, Jo has become not only an expert on dresses and formal wear, but as a mother and grandmother, she knows how to please girls and boys of any age. She literally touches every dress and tux that leaves her shop to be sure it is perfect, often performing hems on the spot. Hilltop Designs is best known for landing the hard-to-find formal ware by leading-designers such as Tiffany. Other premium lines of bridal gowns and prom dresses are also found at Hilltop Designs. Besides providing the most sought after new fashions, Hilltop Designs accommodates women?s sizes 28+. Their tuxedo rental sizes range from sizes 4 ? 70. Hilltop Designs, located in Seaman, Ohio, is celebrating its 10th year and has all the accessories for a formal engagement including jewelry, shoes, purses, gloves, veils and floral. # # #

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