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Welcome to the wold of Prom Dressses (and Great Cards for all Occasions)

A Suitable Swimsuit Needham, MA It's an annual ritual as dreaded as tax deadline and as unsettling as a trip to the dentist. It's bathing suit shopping! Few among us actually enjoy trying on bathing suits. But you can ease the pain of the experience by educating yourself on the styles most flattering to your particular figure. Following is a guideline to help you choose the suit that suits you best. If you have: A small bust look for a suit that provides subtle enhancement. Overpadding will look obvious. A large bust look for a suit made for a long torso. The extra fabric will give you the coverage you need. A thick middle look for design elements such as diagonal stripes to make the waist appear narrow. A tummy that needs concealing look for stretch fabrics that hold it in. A pear shape look for suits that conceal large hips, such as a sarong, skirted or shorted bottom suit. A long torso look for high cut bottoms to make legs appear longer, taking the emphasis away from your middle. Another hint for painless bathing suit shopping invest in some self-tanning lotion. A bronzed body will make you look and feel more confident as you try on suits! --30--

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