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Welcome to the wold of Prom Dressses (and Great Cards for all Occasions)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Christine Edmonds Phone: (781) 444-0140 Needham, MA Prom season is in full swing! Whether you are a teen or a stressed out parent looking to pull together an appropriate prom look, the following guidelines will help you: Selecting your dress Look through magazines and catalogues to get ideas. Shop in your own closet (or someone else's!) before heading to the mall. Also check out consignment and thrift stores for one-of-a-kind and bargain fashions. If you do decide to head for the mall, pick a day well before the prom to visit some stores and see what looks good, pressure free. It costs nothing to try different styles and it can be fun with a few friends and nice comfortable dressing rooms! Shop in easy on, easy off clothes. If you are trying to match an article of clothing or an accessory, bring it along with you on your shopping trip. Try to limit your shopping trips to under three hours at a time. Long, shop-'til-you-drop sprees usually lead to impulse buying, exhaustion and frustration. Ask the sales person about the store's return policy. It is usually easier to return at a large department store. They generally have more liberal return policies while specialty stores and outlet stores often accept returns for credit only. --30--

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