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Welcome to the wold of Prom Dressses (and Great Cards for all Occasions)

National Press Release March 1, 2003 Prom Magazine made its national debut this week. The annual issue focuses on everything teenagers need to do to prepare for prom, from hot hair tips and undercover secrets, to prom etiquette and prom budgeting. "And don't forget the prom dresses", pipes in DeBora Rachelle. DeBora, the Publisher of Prom Magazine Inc., also manufactures her own line of prom dresses called DeBora Rachelle Prom Dress Couture; one can view the entire line in Prom Magazine. Although Prom Magazine and DeBora Rachelle Prom Dress Couture are two totally separate companies, DeBora Rachelle Couture is the main advertiser in Prom Magazine. This backing allowed the concept of an annual issue of Prom Magazine to take off. Thousands of copies of Prom Magazine were purchased in advance on-line in 2002 at www.PromMagazine.com before the 2003 magazine even went to print. Prom Magazine will hit bookstores in this month. The uniqueness of this new magazine stems from the efforts of listening to their readers. Prom Magazine captures a national teenage shopping market by selling its dresses on line at www.PromDressShop.com. Feedback from the over 16,000,000 hits that PromDressShop.com's web site receives monthly was solicited from its teen customers. The survey found that high school prom girls and 8th grade homecoming girls ages 13 thru 19 wanted a magazine where they could purchase their dress right away. Many teens claimed that they found the prom dress of their dreams from a magazine only to find that they could not locate the dress in a store anywhere. To give its customer what they requested, Prom Magazine allows its reader to purchase anything found in their magazine at www.PromDressShop.com or by calling Prom Magazine direct. Next the survey found that their teenage market wanted to see more prom hair-do's. Taking this advice, Prom Magazine printed one 'hot hairdo how-to' section showing a step-by-step guide on how to do the perfect hairstyle for prom. Constantt feedback from www.PromDressShop.com givesProm Magazine the information it needs to print a magazine that caters to the requests of its teenage reader. "We encourage our readers to tell us what they want, our magazine is based on their requests", states DeBora. Prom Magazine is a full-color 8 : x 11" issue, which is nationally distributed by Prestige Periodicals out of New York. The magazine is published in Duluth, Minnesota by Prom Magazine Inc. Media are encouraged to use the photos from www.PromMagazine.com for their articles. To obtain this press release on-line go to: http://www.promdressshop.com/press/pressreleases.html If you have any further questions or concerns, or would like information on upcoming prom styles, please feel free to contact the Prom Experts at (218) 727-8100 promstaff@PromDressShop.com

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