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My Life as a Non-runner

I friend of mine has been running for the longest time and suggested that I begin.

I ran a little bit in grammer school. Every now and then I was late for the bus and had to run out the door and down the step. It was a big yard though, almost 50 yards. And let me tell you, and a 8th grader, that 50 yards felt like alot more.

To make a long story short, I'll fast forward to last year. I'm no longer in 8th grade, and I non longer have to run to catch the bus 1-2 timer every month. As such, my level of fitness has dropped from stellar to average. That is, if you measure fitness based on 90 year old men. I am not 90. My drivers license puts me at about 28 and that's probably more accurate than I'd like to admit.

So I started running. That is, I ran to the mailbox to get my mail. Well actually, not the whole way to the mailbox, but I was definitely running while I was on the porch and down the stairs. After that, not so much.

So I decided that I needed to get in shape. My girlfriend agreed or at least stopped moving out. So I guess that was an agreement of sorts.

Let's just say that it takes some effort to get back into running. My nice flashy sweatband, nice flashy shoes and nice flashy shirt didn't really do alot to help me as I was running (or maybe more accurately stumbling and trying not to be overtaken by people on a stroll).

Basically my training consisted of "energizing" myself with custom sports drinks from this site and a shot of espresso. I put some more of the sports drink in my water bottle, topped it up with espresso and ran until the drink wore off.

Originally, I didn't get too far. I collapsed after a few blocks. Most days though, I made it just a bit further. I'd work from 30 minutes of jogging 1 minute, resting 5 with a stop at starbucks on route to actually going for a bona fide run.

I still don't know if you could call me a "runner" per se. I jog, but reasonably fast. My girlfriend is still here, and she has stopped her first aid training and seems happy with the new me. I think I am too.

Running ain't easy. I'm not going to sugar coat it. Be suspicious of anyone trying to sell you an easy 12 step plan to fitness. Basically, getting in shape is simple and there is no magic bullet. You just need to step outdoors and exercise.

I'm running 10k's now. I've gone under 40min every now and then. I'm told this is good. It doesn't really matter to me though. I'm just glad to have gotten my life back in control.

I'm tempted to put some sort of emotional, inspirational quote here. I'm not though. I'm in a bitter, dry sarcastic mood. Either way, I advise running. It seems much better than the alternative.


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