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We process and fill each order individually. We give you a sports drink that is designed perfectly for your needs. This concept of letting you design your sports drink based on what works for you is an idea whose time has come.

Custom Sports Drinks Made Just for You

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Make your own Sports Drink
We allows customers create their own dream sport drink that is designed just for them. We mix the sports drink according to each individual customer's preferences, package the sports drinks and mail it to their door step. It's easy, fun and our drinks will help you reach your athletic potential.

We're all excited because we've expanded and we're back in business making a shipping custom sports drinks to athletes in North America. Unfortunately, if you're not from Kelowna and you want to design your own sports drink, we need a minimum order of 250kg. I know, that's quite a bit of sports drinks powder. We're working on getting this minumum order down to 100kg. On the plus side, we can make it just for you, and you get your own logo. Email me at cbergstr "at" ttul "dot" org if you're interested. I'd love to hear from you!

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We have found that many of our customers really like our drinks and tend to buy sports drinks in large quantities to get bulk discounts. We commonly deal with individuals, sports teams, and running/cycling stores. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to order bulk sports drinks from us.

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