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Are Energy Drinks Worth Buying?

Energy drinks are becoming a popular drink. These drinks are touted as a a beverage that will make us alert, energetic and more fun to be around. The basic questions are (a) are these claims true and (b) how do these drinks work?

For the most part, energy drinks are like soda, but with extra caffeine. One prominant energy drink maker used Taurine, Guarana and some Vitamins in their sports drinks as well. But for the most part, caffeine is the actual ingredient causing the increase in energy. The sugar may also be responsible for the increase in energy that someone drinking these beverages may experience.

One possible concern about these energy drinks is the relatively high glycemic index (GI) value of the sugars that are included in these drinks. These relatively high GI sugars are rapidly digested by the stomach and quickly enter the bloodstream. This rapid increase in blood sugar levels requires a insulin repsonse to handle these high levels of sugar. It has been hypothesised that this insulin repsonse may lead to insulin desensitivity and Type II diabetes.

We feel that it is not desirable to use energy drinks that have relatively high GI sugars. Not all carbohydrates have a high GI value. Fructose (or fruit carbohydrate) has a GI of 22, which is low and about the same as lentils and many beans. Consuming an energy drink with a low GI carbohydrate will not lead to rise and crash of blood sugar levels, the possibly unhealthy insulin and cortisol repsonse described above.

We also feel that it is useful to include some healthy, ingrediets in energy sports. Our rationale is that if you're reving your bodies engine to the red line, you should include the equivalent of high quality oil and coolants to make sure that you engine runs smoothly. We feel that combining herbs that increase your circulation with anti-oxidants allows (a) more blood to circulate through your body and (b) the blood to be more efficient in removing unwanted toxins from your body. We include anti-oxidants and Ginki Bibola in our energy drinks for these reasons.

The last issue is cost. Most energy drinks available for purchase are in the $2.00 range for a 275ml can. We spend less money branding, designing pretty cans and bottling. It's also more efficient to ship drink powder instead of the drink mix. For these reasons, we feel that we can provide a superiour product for less than 1/2 the cost. As an added bonus, it is possible to adjust the size of the kick in our custom energy drinks to your own personal preference. We feel that we can provide you with a superiour product as a more affordable price.

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