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Banana Tree Cards...
We are a talented interactive multimedia design & photography studio founded by Chris and Susie Bergstrom. Our studio specializes in digital photography as well as the design of high-quality cards. We are pleased to offer an Internet special of 6 cards for 6 bucks! That's less than half of our retail price!

This site is about "daughter wedding custom greeting cards" and weddings in general. If you're here looking for "daughter wedding custom greeting cards" I hope that you find what you're looking for... Also, we've got a good collection of news about wedding dresses.
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A History of Weddings
Some historians believe that the first marriages may have actually been group weddings - marriage to the tribe. The whole tribe was "married to each other." The earliest weddings were much different from what we think of marriage today. We think that our primitive ancestors came together primarily for protection and survival rather than meaningful relationships. There was safety in numbers and primitive people formed tribes to which they were very loyal.

It wasn't until later that men and women came together in couples and formed their own families. Due to tribal rivalry, women and children were often captured or stolen. Since many tribes had rules forbidding intermarriage within a clan, women were kidnapped and forced to marry the strangers who captured them. Historians often refer to this period in time as the "marriage by capture" era. Marriage was not always a happy event.

During the "marriage by capture" era, close friends of the groom-to-be assisted him when he kidnapped the bride from her family. The first ushers and best men were more like a small army, fighting off the brides angry relatives as the groom rode away with her.

Nearly every civilization since the Egyptians has used the wedding ring as a symbol of the marriage agreement. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the circle represents eternity, and the earliest rings were made of braided grass, hay, leather, bone and ivory.

The wedding gown is unique. Along with baptism and burial, marriage is one of the three great public occasions in a person's life, and the only one at which the principals can fully appreciate the glory of their central role. For the bride, more than the groom, it is Her Big Day. Throughout history, women have tried to make their wedding dress special, to suit the festive occasion, to make the beautiful bride more beautiful and the not so beautiful at least splendid to look at.

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